Advantage Psychological Services has an excellent group of speakers ready to present at your next corporate function or to work with you on your employee development needs. Our expertise includes:

Various Presenters

     • Change Management
     • Assert Yourself
     • Behavioral Health
     • How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen; How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
     • Keeping Your Kids Off Drugs
     • No Ifs Ands or Butts: Smoking Cessation
     • Preparing for Retirement
     • Say Goodnight Sweetheart: Maximizing restful sleep
     • The Balancing Act: Challenges of balancing work and home.
     • Coping with the demands of the Christmas season without becoming a Grinch.
     • Changing Habits or Behaviors
     • Dealing with Difficult People
     • Creating Resilience: Individual and Organizational Partnership


Pat Ferris, MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D.

     • An Island of Peace in a Sea of Chaos: Evidenced-based stress management strategies
     • Brain Drain for Safety Personnel: Creating a Safe Worksite
     • Creating Dignity at Work
     • Exploring Personality using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator:
     • Psychological First Response to Critical Incidents
     • Psychological Factors in Safety
     • Organizational Risk Management for Workplace Bullying
     • Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace
     • Managing Your Duty to Accommodate: The Psychological Perspective

Dr. Natasha Kutlesa, R. Psych.

     • Procrastination & Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): Do It Now!
     • Overcoming Perfectionism
     • Dealing with “Difficult” People: Understanding Interpersonal Dynamics
     • Overcoming Procrastination: If Not Now, Then When?
     • Stress and Sport: Striving or Crumbling?
     • Eating Disorders in Sports: Recommendations for Coaches
     • Reaching Your Peak Performance: Swifter, Higher, Stronger
     • Team Dynamics in a Workplace: From Irritation to Acceptance
     • Developing Your Career Intuition

Marie Habke, Ph.D, R. Psych.

     • Communication in the Workplace
     • Understanding Mental Illness

Dr. Angela Grace, Ph.D., R. Psych.R. Psych.

     • Why NOT Weight: Eating disorder and obesity prevention (for parents, teachers, counsellors,         medical professionals)
     • Fanning the Ashes: Recovering from Burnout