Separation and Divorce Support

Separation and divorce is an intensely emotional time. It is not uncommon to feel hurt, angry, guilty, confused, scared or all of the above.

Our Program is designed to get help you sort out the emotion and get on with your life. It can also save you time and energy by getting the emotion out of the legal process. We can help you:

          • Understand and move through the stages of divorce
          • Understand what is in the best interests of your children
          • Help you address your emotions in a healthy way

When the decision to divorce has been made, the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce process offers a healthy and effective way for families to navigate this difficult time. It involves a team of trained professionals who work with the family to find the best solutions to legal, financial, and childcare problems – solutions that work best for everyone involved. The team includes Mental Health Professionals acting as coaches for both parties, a child specialist representing what is best for the child(ren) involved, an unbiased financial specialist who gathers financial information and provides projections and advice regarding the division of assets, and finally, lawyers who represent their client's legal interests. The team approach has been proven to be highly effective at moving families through the divorce process without litigation, and at nurturing individualized and creative solutions to a family's needs. Coaches trained in the Interdisciplinary model are available through the Calgary Psychology Group.