Health Psychology

It is impossible to separate mind and body – each impacts the other in many ways. With chronic health issues, emotions and thoughts can create additional distress. In reverse, the mind can often exert influence on physical conditions. Conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, chronic lung or heart disease, cancer, or HIV/AIDS, all present significant challenges. We can help you cope with chronic illness and reduce some physical symptoms.

No one plans on being in an accident or having a critical illness. But, when it happens it can change your life. Not only is there physical recovery, there are emotional issues that also need to be addressed. We can help you deal with disability.

It is so much easier to get hooked than unhooked. Whether it is smoking, drinking, gambling, or eating, sometimes our behaviors can control our lives. We can help you to eliminate behaviors that are contributing to physical problems or emotional distress.

The Calgary Psychology Group provides services for:

          • Chronic Illness
          • Rehabilitation
          • Pain Management
          • Illness Related Sexual Dysfunction
          • HIV/AIDS
          • Addiction/Habit Disorders