Executive EAP

Over the last few decades, it has become an accepted standard for companies to provide Employee (and Family) Assistance Programs (EAP or EFAP) as part of extended health care benefits packages or as stand-alone programs. Yet executives are often reluctant to access these programs for a number of reasons such as:

      “I don’t want to run into someone who works for me in the waiting room”
       “I don’t think they understand what my pressures are because they are different from most         employees stress.”
       “I don’t know who I’ll get and I want someone who is really qualified.”
       “I don’t know if I need counselling or coaching.”

Psychological Services offers an opportunity for companies to design an EAP for their senior staff. This allows them to attend an elite service with professionals that are well versed in the pressures unique to executives, in a setting that allows them to maintain their anonymity. Across the scope of the Calgary Psychology Group of Companies we offer a variety of additional services including leadership coaching and psychological services that can address the complexity of personal and business issues an executive may face.