Emotional Distress

Emotional distress can come in many forms. For some, it is a feeling of being overwhelmed by something new or the everyday difficulites in life – being “stressed.” This often leads to difficulties with sleeping or concentrating, and to chronic worry and low mood. We can provide an objective perspective and help you develop healthy coping strategies.

Sometimes stress leads to depression – sometimes depression happens all on its own. Depression manifests in physical ways, in thought patterns, and in behaviour. Feelings of worthlessness are also common. We can help you understand and deal with your depression.

Anxiety is very common in our society. It can take many forms, from chronic worry to panic attacks, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive behaviour. We can help you to control your anxiety so that it doesn’t control you.

Some events in life can create real and overwhelming emotional distress. The death of someone close to you can result in grief that may feel insurmountable. The loss of a relationship through separation or divorce can feel devastating. Or, when a traumatic incident happens (or many, as with childhood abuse), it can seem like it is impossible to recover feelings of safety and happiness. We can help you to understand and cope with the difficult events in your life.

The Calgary Psychology Group provides assessment and psychotherapy services for:

          • Stress/Adjustment
          • Depression
          • Low Self-Esteem
          • Anxiety
          • Panic Disorder
          • Social Anxiety
          • Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms
          • Grief/Bereavement
          • Post-Traumatic Stress
          • Abuse