Counselling, Psychotherapy and Assessment Services

The stresses and challenges of everyday life can get to all of us from time to time. When events or stresses are extraordinary, it can be overwhelming. Meeting with a counsellor can be helpful in these situations. Talking it through, finding a different perspective, being supported, or forming a plan for coping, can all aid in recovering your well-being. Sometimes this can happen in only a few visits.

Our psychologists use a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal, psychodynamic, addiction counselling, hypnotherapy and existential approaches. We provide assessment and psychotherapy services for:

          • Emotional Distress
          • Relationship Issues
          • Health Psychology
          • Career Counselling
          • Counselling for Life Transitions

Separation and divorce is an intensely emotional time. It is not uncommon to feel hurt, angry, guilty, confused, scared or all of the above.

Our counsellors will help you sort out the emotion and get on with your life. It can also save you time and energy by getting the emotion out of the legal process. We will help you:

          • Understand and move through the stages of divorce
          • Understand what is in the best interests of your children
          • Help you address your emotions in a healthy way